Why isn't my tracking updating?

Once you receive a shipping confirmation e-mail, it means that your parcel has been processed and shipped out. If the tracking does not provide the latest update, here are some of the most likely reasons:

  • Your parcel is on the way to the destination, however, your local post office has not scanned the parcel. There could be a few days where it seems like it's lost, however, I assure you it will update in the coming days.
  • Your parcel has arrived at the customs of your country and is currently under the clearance process during which the postal system is unable to provide any further updates until the customs are done with their work & inspections. We, unfortunately, are not able to tell you how long this process might be since we have no power over the customs of any country.


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  • Usually lost.. Poor choice to ship anything USPS these days.


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